Everyone’s a winner on Oscars night!

Samsung spent around $20 million on their campaign during the Oscars and got more than what they bargained for.

Their 5-minute commercial time gave them a 6.2 percent rise in views; their true reach prior to the Oscars was 28.8 million. After the show, that rose to 30.6 million. As if this was not good enough, the host Ellen Degeneres  posted a ‘selfie’ incorporating as many celebrities as possible into it. The post on twitter broke the retweets record and although it didn’t mention Samsung within the tweet, the phone and logo were shown during the taking of the photo. As a result, conversation around Samsung instantly multiplied 27 times over, with Samsung mentions topping 900 per minute during the staging of the shot; a very good social media strategy in order to get the word out. It resulted in many people tuning into the show and watching simply because they had seen this retweet and wondered what was going on. Were you one of the people to ‘re-tweet’ it? Did it make you or your followers turn on the Oscars? This is the power of social media working to help influence what people do.

Ellen DeGeneres group Oscar selfie

Samsung was not the only winner of the night; the show itself had a huge increase in viewers. In 2013 and 2014 views can be shows to be over the 10 millions mark whereas in 2012 viewers sat at only 5 million. Last year it came in third on mentions for shows, behind The Grammys and The Super Bowl. Now in 2014 it continues to be a popular program and the use of social media helps it to achieve this. Others included Pepsi and Google, which also experienced a rise thanks to their commercials during the award ceremony. Netflix did the same and they didn’t even have to create and buy a commercial, people were tweeting and commenting on where they could see these movies, which gave Netflix a huge boost in mentions. This shows the power of Netflix and the fact that people think about their company first when it comes to online movies is so important to any brand and it is what they strive to achieve.

Overall it was a great night for many companies involved in the Oscars, Samsung being the main one. It shows just how much social media has grown. Now those photos are taken during the live program and uploaded so that the audience can ‘re-tweet’ and join in with the action. It makes the audience feel a part of the show even though they aren’t there. The question now is, how do they top this? How would you like to be connected to next year’s Oscars whilst watching it on TV?



5 thoughts on “Everyone’s a winner on Oscars night!

  1. The selfie is so prominent in our society, especially in younger ages. So I can see why taking a selfie with the most famous movie stars in the world would break the Twitter retweets record. This was a smart move on Ellen’s part because even the people who were not watching the Oscars, but were on Twitter and other platforms, would be intrigued by the selfie and tune in to the awards. It’s also crazy to think that the subtle image of the Samsung phone would spark so much conversation. If viewers see a celebrity with a recognizable brand, they’re going to want it too. That’s why celebrity endorsements are effective most of the time.

  2. I think that the Oscar Selfie was a great example of product placement by Samsung, with all the stars that were in the picture it is no surprised how many times this picture got re-tweeted and reposted all over social media. I think Oscar viewer ship has risen since last year because of more social interactions viewers have at home with the program. With all the pre-show give aways and being able to tweet in things, makes people more inclined to tune in and watch it. Which also means that more people are seeing the advertisements.

  3. Samsung and the overall structure of their campaign and the proximity with the Oscars really worked to their advantage as well as the selfie by Ellen. With our society companies really need to stay up to date and have an innovative and progressive attitude about marketing their brand otherwise they’ll decrease in scalability.

  4. The mobile device, the third screen for marketers. Samsung proves what mobile devices with social media apps have the capability of doing. Live tweeting, instagraming, and Facebook posting from an event, such as an Oscar is great exposure of a company. People love to be included, exclusion is a thing of a past. If individuals are excluded they have no interest in being a part of whatever business or company that is causing this isolation, inclusion is a MUST in this day and age. By doing live posts those who are not at the event have the opportunity to still have an inside scoop, a very appealing incentive to by whatever application or product that allows them to do this.

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